Animal Myth
and Magic

Images from
Pre-Columbian Textiles

by Vanessa Drake Moraga

Animal Myth and Magic explores the central place and significance of animals in the Andean cosmovision through the prism of South American archaeology, anthropology, natural history and mythology. Illustrated with 155 marvelous images from pre-Columbian textiles, this unique anthology discusses over forty-five species, from the hummingbird and butterfly to the llama and jaguar. The depictions—from surreal to naturalistic, awe-provoking to whimsical, abstract to totemic—span a diversity of habitats and 2000 years of culture (Chavín to Inka).

A hard bound book with 155 Color Plates, 10 Line Drawings, Bibliography, Index and Timeline of Andean Cultures.

About the Author

Vanessa Drake Moraga is an independent textile historian, writer and curator specializing in Andean and African art. She is a contributing editor to Hali Magazine and has written reviews and essays on textile art for that journal and other publications.



A richly illustrated anthology
exploring animal symbolism in ancient
Andean textiles.